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Best computer tracking program Actual Keylogger

Purchased your program when it became necessary to control the child. He spent much time on social networks, then disappeared somewhere in the street. To some extent know what to expect, I was looking for a tracking program for browsing social networks, intercept keystrokes. Your program has these features in its entirety.

Actual Keylogger program monitors ( also possible covert surveillance ) behind a computer for 14 positions. Options for monitoring and covert surveillance computer can be configured as employees for each of the positions, and several at once. The program interface is simple and easy to use, they can drive any man.

Very user-friendly interface

In order to use the program could be anyone, its creators gave each action interface simple name. Here you will find complex technical terms and the mapping settings, the process of tracking and monitoring the results of the computer will be clear even to those who have just started familiarity with pcs.

Interception of messages in Skype, GTalk, Qip, ICQ, Mail.Ru Agent, Miranda and other messengers

It's no secret that instant messaging is now enjoying great popularity. Often with their help is not only personal communication, but also discusses the " bad" things. Interception ICQ is due to the fact that the user types his message on a computer keyboard.

Record the information entered from the keyboard

Rare computer at home or in the office is complete without a keyboard. Surveillance program writes the words and phrases in any language, and characters in its database.

Tracking contents of the Clipboard

Big advantage of - the possibility of covert surveillance, even for seemingly insignificant transactions. So you will always know the contents of the clipboard, without which a normal user during work on your computer just can not do.

Screenshots after a specified period of time

Observation of the intermediate stages of work on the PC and includes screenshots. Along with the text "intelligence" they help get the full experience of what is happening on the computer on which the program is installed. Depending on the configuration screenshots can show what is happening on the PC as at regular intervals, and with every click of the mouse.

Illustration Keylogger

Monitoring sites visited

Are you surprised where it goes your traffic? Watching the computer will help you to answer this question. You will receive a detailed report of all sites visited by the user. In addition, a list of addresses to which your child to go online easily explain why you once again summoned to the school. Covert observation visit Internet sites and make clear why your employees not had time to prepare a monthly report.

Visible / invisible mode

Depending on the tasks that you bet, the monitoring program can work in both the visible and the invisible mode. In stealth mode keylogger overlook not only the users, but also installed anti-virus software (for this you need to add Actual Keylogger to exceptions).

Monitoring starting and closing programs

Essential complement to the picture of what is happening on a particular computer is tracking starting and closing programs. This function is useful for finding the causes of any technical problems, and to determine the timeliness or untimely use of a software application.

Tracking on / off / reboot the computer

Another function of the monitoring program, designed to uncover the mysteries of the behavior of the PC. Tracking on / off / reboot the computer allows you to not miss a single detail of the circuit occurring with the machine / machine events.

Full multiplayer support

The surveillance program is capable to participate actively in the process of creation and editing of various components of the system, as well as access rights for users and administrators. Actual Keylogger program is not only useful, but also universal in its application. Employees may hedge, using a monitoring program to save the data just in case. System administrator using Actual Keylogger always knows what's going on in the system. Parents use the program for covert surveillance and control of their sons, heads - for its employees, and computer classes program gives an accurate idea of what actions users on computers made in the allotted time to do their work.


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