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Betting on eSports

Computer games are one of the most popular hobbies of modern humanity. It is rare to meet someone who has not played or at least heard of such online games as the team Dota 2, Counter Strike, World of tanks, and others. It is not surprising that their popularity resulted in the holding of international tournaments (the first one was held back in 1997), which is now being taken seriously, because major competitions prize pool is quite impressive. For example, you can select The International tournament with prize money of $ 16 407 866. This summer, the prize fund of the tournament no less Dota 2, it will be held from 3 to 8 August in Seattle, in the virtual arena will join 16 teams

The interest and excitement caused by such games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike, have not gone unnoticed bookmakers. And as it turned out not in vain - the audience of online games is huge. Now some online betting offices can be found to "eSports" - betting on the outcome of online gaming tournaments.

What bets are on e-sports?

While special rates on a variety of e-sports are no different, almost everywhere you can find exactly the bet P1, P2 - the victory of the first team or victory of the second team. But neisklyucheny and more interesting options for the outcomes in team and individual competition. Accordingly, factors such rates are higher, as well as risks.

What you need to know to bet on e-sports?

Like any other sport, which you can bet online, e-sports calls for a certain attitude.

Firstly, it is serious. Outcomes of major events of major tournaments are unpredictable. The motivation of each team high. Hasty rate for e-sports can lead to the loss. But we want to win

Secondly, for winning bets on eSports need to know the subject. How to achieve this? Ideally, you want to play. And you have to thoroughly review the previous "fighting" teams. Do not neglect the knowledge of the form players - whether a full part not eliminated anyone of the players out of action due to illness and so on. It needs to be attentive to the thematic forums and filtering out irrelevant information, to adopt useful.

Why is it worth to bet on in the eSports bookmaker?

Of course, there are specialized sites (dota 2 lounge), offering bets on eSports and receive a prize in the form of things and remain in the game, but the bookmakers have a number of advantages over them. The first - a gain in real money, and the second - at bookmaker much higher number of ways to input and output of money, and you can always choose the most convenient for you. Third - reliable, familiar and trusted bookie is always a plus.

So friends, if you have decided to enter into a new world of rates with online betting on e-sports, we suggest you take advantage of our offer - it's convenient and easy. Break a leg!


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