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CGI Scritps -
 Homepage Communities

Homepage Communities

Allow visitors to create their own web pages on your site using these scripts.

Bundleboy HomePage Maker

Version:   1.0
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix, NT


Description:  This script gives your visitors the opportunity to design their own webpages online at your site.

Easy Home Page Generator

Version:   1.20
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix


Description:  this script actually originated as by David Palmer but in its initial form, it allowed only 3 choices for backgrounds. even then, it was an impressive program as it made page creation easy and fun - for anyone.

File Manager

Version:   0.01
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix, NT


Description:  Let your users have their own personal web sites under your domain!


Version:   2.4
License:   Freeware

Size:  21 Kb
Platform:  Unix


Description:  PageEdit (2.4) is the simple and FREE browser based website creation and management package. Once installed onto your ISP or web hosting company's web server you will be able to manage your website from anywhere in the world.  Multi-User and Pro versions also available.

Profile Manager

Version:   1.1
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix, NT


Description:  Profile Manager is a database driven membership and profile management system. When a user registers it automatically adds the information about the user into the database.

Web Home Free

Version:   1.0
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix, Windows 95/NT


Description:  WebHome is basicly a CGI script that allows you to become your own geocities. It allows you to automaticly except user signups and uploading from the Web.


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