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CGI Scritps -
 HTML Manipulation

HTML Manipulation

Create and Insert HTML on the fly tables, frames, list, headers/footers.

@1 Web Publisher

Version:   1.0
License:   Shareware

Platform:  Unix or NT


Description:   A password-protected content management system (CMS) that allows a non-techie web operator to edit the text and image contents of his website through a browser - no HTML knowledge is required. This script supports master and slave login modes and offers 4 types of tag pairs (for defining editable sections).

Andi's Smart-Insert

Version:   1.0
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix or NT


Description:   Andi's Smart-Insert works like other so-called footer-scripts and inserts the content of a text file into a specified place on your html files. This is very good for headers, footers, etc. which appear on multiple pages.


Version:   1.10
License:   Freeware

Filesize:  4.16
Platform:  Unix or NT


Description:   This library allows you to call a CGI program from within you script. The second CGI program can be on any web server. You have the ability to manipulate the information before you send it to the remote CGI program.


Version:   1.5
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix


Description:   A extremely usuful script that allows uniform conformitty on all you pages. And it is really easy to use. Requires SSI.


Version:   2.0
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix or NT


Description:   File handler with support for headers and footers to provide a universal layout for all pages on a site.


File:  htmltmpl_1.21.tar
Version:   1.21
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix or 95/NT


Description:   Allows templates of html to be merged with variable data on the fly.

Plug It!

Version:   1.0
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix


Description:   Plug It! is a great little script that has many uses. For example, Plug It! can be used as a header/footer script, or you can simply use it as an insertion script.


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