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CGI Scritps -
 Interactive Stories

Interactive Stories

Visitors can add to an existing story by posting the next section.


Version:   3.0
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix


Description:    Add2Story has many helpful features such as: Profanity filtering, logging, and it can email the owner of the story each time someone adds a chapter

Beyond the Mirror

Version:   1.6
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix


Description:   The highlight of this script is that, in spite of other scripts in the same category, users are able not only to add their parts of a story, but also to change the previously written part to a certain extent.

Cliff's Never Ending Story Script

Version:   1.02
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix


Description:    The basic idea is that you have a story which any of your visitors can add to.

Interactive Storie

File:  story-1-3.exe
Version:   1.3
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix and NT


Description:   The program is an interactive story, written by its readers. As people read the story, each page tells a part of the story. Each page ends with two choices for what to do next.

Lyles Storyline

Version:   N/A
License:   Freeware

Platform:  Unix


Description:   Just your standard never ending story script. Allows surfers to add to a story on your site, creating a unpredictable story.


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