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CGI Scritps -

Welcome dear readers. In today's lesson, we'll examine in detail how to make a picture from webcam on your computer? I think it is no secret that you can make photo webcam, but not everyone knows how to better and easier way to do it. That is why, today we look at several ways to address this issue.

Some users prefer online photos, and other - download once the program on your computer, install it and enjoy at any time.

1. Making photos in Live WebCam.

First in our review I decided to put this particular program, since I use it myself. Very simple, free and easy to use program. Besides any problems during the installation I did not have. The program interface is as follows:

To take a photo, click "Take a picture". By the way, here there is a function "Automatic shooting". This is handy if you need a photo before a couple of seconds to get ready.

If you want to see all the pictures that have been made earlier, simply click "Browse archive".

2. How to make photo on Skype?

The well-known Skype program is very popular in the world and with its help we can certainly take a photo. If you have not installed it on your PC, you can do so by reading the tutorial "How to install Skype".

Since I already have Skype installed - get straight to the point. Log and immediately on the home page, select "Personal data". Under your Avatar click "Change Avatar".

In the window that opens, simply click "Take a picture".

You can also do this: click Tools > Setting > Video Settings > Edit Avatar.

And the third way to make photos in Skype - during a call press the "Take a picture".

In order to find the captured images open the following folder:

For Windows 7 - C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Skype \ Pictures

For Windows XP - C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username \ Application Data \ Skype \ Pictures

You can also install other programs designed specifically for the individual manufacturer: Acer Crystal Eye Webcam, Logitech Webcam Software, ArcSoft Webcam Companion, Dell Webcam Central, CyberLink YouCam, HP MediaSmart Webcam, USB UVC WebCam, Toshiba Web Camera Application, etc.

3. How to make a picture from webcam online?

Now let's look at some of the most popular online services like

On the main page click on "Ready", on the next page click on "Use my camera"

Next, before you may be prompted to allow access to your camera - click "Allow access to the selected device and permission to take a picture.

In the next window, you can take a photo by clicking on the camera icon. You can also choose settings photos, flipping through the left and right buttons or make webcam collages online

After three second countdown, you can save photos to your computer, and share them with friends via social. network.


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