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Employees use 20 to 30% of their time ineffectively - this is confirmed by various sociological research. Most often it is the time spent on various tea party entertainment online portals, online gaming, smoke breaks, communication in social media, tardiness or leaving work before the end of the working day. The system will allow you to take Workexaminer such practices under control and significantly increase employee productivity.

Benefits of using Workexaminer in your enterprise:
collect data on the work of employees with programs, sites
visual reports in the form of graphs
fully automated time tracking

Monitoring employees at the computer: possibilities online service Workexaminer

Determine which programs, sites, documents used by your employees
1. Monitoring of staff
Real-time fixes Workexaminer use different computer programs and applications, opening documents, visiting sites. The system captures the ones which really carried the immediate work to provide the most reliable report on the working day of each employee.

Staff efficiency
2. Evaluate employee performance
Employee during the working day can use various computer resources. Workexaminer automatically groups them into three main categories: productive, unproductive, neutral. A flexible and intuitive adjustment system allows you to simply adjust the robots in the process, the use of which applications should be treated in a particular category. Which allows us to assess the effectiveness of the employee in accordance with his official duties.

Work of employees from different departments, groups, projects directions
3. Analyze the performance of the company, different departments, employees.

Workexaminer hold not only the control of individual employees, but also of entire departments, areas or projects. The group function sets the identical set of criteria for evaluating the performance of an entire group of employees. How effectively uses the working time one or another department of your company?

Operational reports in the form of graphs
4. Convenient graphical reports
Reports on the activities of employees Workexaminer is a visual graphs. One look to evaluate the productivity of the employee or the department for the selected period of time. In addition, the system prepares a detailed report on the use of all programs, applications and websites pointing spent more time on them.

Hidden or explicit mode Workexaminer
5. Use hidden or explicit modes
Depending on company policy, Workexaminer can operate in hidden and explicit modes. Stealth mode allows you to control the activities of employees without their knowledge.

At the same time, the use of internet tracking software in explicit mode allows each employee to evaluate the effectiveness of their own work. This contributes to a healthy competition in the company and the overall growth performance. After all of these indicators depends on who at the end of the month award is worth waiting for, and who, perhaps, reprimand/fine.

Control staff time heads of departments, groups, projects
6. Control of working time
Delegate control of the analysis of activity of employees relevant heads of departments, departments. The Manager enables managers to determine the use of public resources is productive for the group, as well as view reports on the efficiency of the department.

Accounting for employee time is not on the computer
7. Keep track of employee time is not on the computer
The Offline Tracking in Workexaminer holds control over employee time even when not at the computer. If an employee leaves the office computer without action, that on his return the system to offer an explanation of his absence: meeting, lunch, and other private. As a result, employee productivity in the graph will be visible not only to his work at the computer, but also offline activities throughout the day.

Prevent leakage of confidential information and other violations in the workplace
8. Prevent violations in the workplace
In Workexaminer has a function taking screenshots from the screen to the user, as well as images from a webcam. Such measures make it possible to prevent a variety of violations of information security policy, as well as help in dealing with conflict situations, such as when there is a breach by the employee, but he denies them.


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