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CGI Scritps -
Selecting domain name for company website
When you create each new site, online shop or a project having difficulty in choosing a domain name for it. What is a domain? This name, project name, reflecting its nature and activity. If the company for which you are creating a website.

Web performance testing
During the intense rivalry between the software developers of every aspect of the software plays an important role in its success or failure in the market. Therefore, every detail should be carefully thought out and implemented. Then specialists operating websites testing, desktop testing and mobile testing should all carefully check.

Betting on eSports
Computer games are one of the most popular hobbies of modern humanity. It is rare to meet someone who has not played or at least heard of such online games as the team Dota 2, Counter Strike, World of tanks, and others. It is not surprising that their popularity resulted in the holding of international tournaments (the first one was held back in 1997), which is now being taken seriously, because major competitions prize pool is quite impressive.

Set encoding parameters
Before you start to convert DVD, you must specify the settings of the original and output files. Some encoding settings are located directly in the main window. Here you can specify the folder on the hard disk, which will be saved file, select the output file format, as well as to determine its size. If it is planned that in future videos will be recorded on a CD-ROM, the file size is set equal to one of the standard volume of the disc, but you can choose any other size. If the size of the resulting file compression exceeds the following file is created, etc.

How to make a picture from webcam online
In today's lesson, we'll examine in detail how to make a picture from webcam on your computer? I think it is no secret that you can make photo webcam, but not everyone knows how to better and easier way to do it. That is why, today we look at several ways to address this issue.

What is bankruptcy?
Insolvency (Bankruptcy) - is recognized by the arbitral tribunal debtor's inability to fully satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations and (or) to fulfill the obligation to make compulsory payments.

Illegal immigrant can file for bankruptcy in the U.S.
According to statistics in the United States illegally at the moment live from 7 to 20 million people. Many of them came to the U.S. in search of work and a better future, but are experiencing significant financial difficulties and wish to announce bankruptcy to write off the debts and start your financial life over a new leaf. We are often asked whether you want to be a U.S. citizen to file for bankruptcy.

Best computer tracking program Actual Keylogger
Purchased your program when it became necessary to control the child. He spent much time on social networks, then disappeared somewhere in the street. To some extent know what to expect, I was looking for a tracking program for browsing social networks, intercept keystrokes. Your program has these features in its entirety.

Why you need proxy
Proxy server is a program that runs on a remote computer ( server) and allows you to use it to connect to other network resources. Principle of operation of the proxy server is very simple.

Monitoring employees timing
Employees use 20 to 30% of their time ineffectively - this is confirmed by various sociological research. Most often it is the time spent on various tea party entertainment online portals, online gaming, smoke breaks, communication in social media, tardiness or leaving work before the end of the working day. The system will allow you to take Workexaminer such practices under control and significantly increase employee productivity.

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