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Web performance testing

During the intense rivalry between the software developers of every aspect of the software plays an important role in its success or failure in the market.

Therefore, every detail should be carefully thought out and implemented. Then specialists operating websites testing, desktop testing and mobile testing should all carefully check.

Productivity - one of the basic characteristics of the web application. Usually, a web site or web application is designed for the simultaneous interaction with a large number of users.

Users do not like to wait, not to mention hang or failure of the program during operation.

Performance testing companies should carefully testing the performance, to prevent users from such unpleasant experiences and make their product profitable.

Testing Web applications performance usually involves checking:
Does the page loaded within a reasonable time;
as the pages load with a slow connection to the Internet;
whether enough work quickly and correctly stored procedures and database triggers;
as requests quickly run to the database.
Experts in testing sites also insist that it is necessary to stress testing, because the Web program must be correctly and quickly to operate under certain loads, for example, a large number of concurrent users.

Stress testing also will not be superfluous. It is advisable to ensure that the proper application under test responds to fail, do not lose or damage important data.


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