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Why you need proxy

Proxy server is a program that runs on a remote computer ( server) and allows you to use it to connect to other network resources. Principle of operation of the proxy server is very simple. The client (user) connects to the proxy server using a web browser or another program and transfers the information about the resource in the network, which he wants to receive. For example, it may be a web page. The proxy server connects to your server on the network and receives the resource requested by the clients (web page). The final step of the proxy server is to transfer from the server to the client.

Thus, the client can receive any data in the network using a proxy server as an intermediary. The customer, who uses a proxy server is not visible to the server from which the data is requested. This is to protect the client from network attacks and preserve his anonymity in the network.

From the perspective of the end user is a proxy IP and port that you can use to connect through a proxy server. For example, the proxy may look like this: Where is the IP of the proxy server, and 4567 is the port on which it runs. Typically, IP and port separated two points.

Why you need proxy

Proxies can solve several problems at the exit to the Internet:

Proxies can be used when you need to provide the connection of multiple computers through a single network connection. In this case, all computers constructed between the local network and thereafter on a computer that has access to the Internet, the proxy runs, Internet access may be effectively restricted or extended by using a private proxy server.

Proxy used to access network resources that are locked by the user. For example, you are banned by IP to a torrent tracker or site with online games. With the help of a proxy server you can work around this.

Use proxy to hide your IP and to increase the level of anonymity. Naturally, the use of a proxy does not make you completely visible to the network. But in some situations it is justified.
What are proxy

Proxy servers are several types:

HTTP proxy - is the most common type of proxy. The proxy is able to work only with the HTTP protocol (the protocol used to transfer Web pages). With the HTTP proxy, you can surf the Web and download files from the network. In addition, some programs (eg, ICQ) also support working through HTTP proxy.

SOCKS proxy - a proxy which allow you to work with virtually any network traffic. There are two versions of the SOCKS- proxy is a SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5. When you configure the program to work with SOCKS- proxy must specify version, additionally, you can try to request the daily socks 5 proxy list here.

There are also ssl- proxy, ftp-proxy and other proxies. But they are mostly used only by system administrators and other IT-specialists.
How to use proxy

In order to work through a proxy server you need to configure the program, which should receive data through a proxy. We show how this is done on the example of the browser Mozilla Firefox.

In order to customize the work through a proxy must be logged in the program settings, and go to "Advanced". Here you need to open the "Network" tab and click "Customize" next item "Setting connection to the Internet Firefox."


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